Winchester Review Wednesday

Alright! So episode 3 season 10 of Supernatural couldn’t have gotten more intense and I loved it for so many reasons. Naturally I am a huge fan of the Winchesters and I cannot wait to fangirl about this episode.

Okay, to start off I love love love demon Dean, he is by far my favorite character of all time, ever. There is just something so hot to me about bad ass bad boys and you can’t get more bad ass than demon Dean. On top of that, there is so much complexity to his character now. It used to always be Sam who got in to trouble and had to be saved, or became the bad ass soulless guy, or had demonic visions and blood running through his veins. It has always all been about Sam and Dean now gets his time to shine. He is so complex now and I love how Castiel even mentioned that Dean wanted to be a demon because he wouldn’t have to feel emotional pain. The internal struggle of the character’s two sides excites me (mainly because I love the drama). On one hand we have human Dean who loves his brother and Cas and fights for the good, and on the other hand, demon Dean is rogue and would kill his brother if and when he gets in the way. Okay, that is enough of my love for Dean for now, trust me, it will come up in future posts.

Here are some of my favorite points of the episode last night:

1. While Sam and Dean are in the demon holding cell, and they start talking about their parents and Dean says how sam ruined their lives and was talking about Mary and John. I think it was a very pivotal moment, because sam gets a look into what impact he really has had on Dean, and this could change their dynamic for the rest of the season if not the whole show.

2. When Sam sneaks up on Dean and Dean tries to kill him with a hammer. This part was just intense and there are no words I can use to sum up my feelings for it. It just shows how truly changed Dean has become.

3. When Crowley gives Cas the stolen grace. This is kind of an important moment for the plot of the show and for my BRO-TP. I think that the fact that initially Crowley wanted Dean as his right hand man, and now he is giving Castiel the grace in order to un-demonize Dean is a huge pointer at the fact that there is something more to Dean as a demon than just a normal demon. Might it be the mark of cain. Keep in mind that the fact that Crowley was willing to help Cas to achieve this goal is a huge teller of how powerful Dean can become and how threatening he is to Crowley.

Overall, it was my favorite episode of the season so far just due to the intensity of the episode. I really kind of disliked the first episode. I however have one single complaint and this is the biggest spoiler, so leave this post if you haven’t watched it yet.

This is my least favorite thing to happen so far: Dean becoming human again. I think that while it opens up the plot for getting rid of the mark of Cane, it ended what could have been a long awesome plot of trying to catch demon Dean and trying to turn him back. That is a plot that had so much potential and could have lasted several episodes longer, and I am truly disappointed that it didn’t. Or maybe I’m just too much of a demon Dean fan to accept this change.

Alright, rant done. Stay tuned for more Winchester Review Wednesdays in the future.