What Am I Doing With My Life?

Apparently, nothing.

Nothing at all.

The time is 1:00 PM and I’m sitting here in the campus library’s Starbucks literally doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. I have a final tomorrow night that I haven’t studied for, I have two sets of homework due by midnight tonight that I haven’t barely studied. Yet, I am doing nothing.

You might think by “nothing” that I actually mean “surfing social media” etc.. You are wrong. I’ve been sitting here since 11 and all I’ve done was send birthday texts, get brunch and a latte, and take three quizzes on BuzzFeed on my phone. Oh, and I’ve been listening to music on my phone. But, yeah, that’s all. Super productive, right?

So I’m sitting here wondering what exactly AM I doing with my life. I’m going to college, which is hard, and I ask myself why all the time. The answer is typically: “So that I can be an aerospace engineer for NASA or SpaceX.” (Preferably SpaceX because NASA is controlled by the government). Then I ask myself why I even want to do that.

The answer has always been (since my junior year in high school): “So that I can change the world and make steps towards it being possible for human kind to inhabit another planet in another solar system by the time the sun expands and swallows the Earth.” Okay, but why do I care and want to do that?

That would have to be, in the simplest terms, “Because I feel like it.” Honestly, that doesn’t sound like a great reason, but, I do care a lot about doing that with my life. So, why am I sitting here doing absolutely nothing? Maybe it is because I’ve burned myself out, during the beginning of the semester, I was studying 24/7, but now I’m almost too tired to get out of bed, ever. I haven’t made it to my chemistry class in so long that I don’t even remember the last time I went. I’m sitting here exhausted, and I’m going to keep doing nothing. I’m sure I’ll make it through college and graduate, but for now, for these next couple hours, I want to do more nothing. When I decide to motivate myself, I’ll do it “because I feel like it”.

So that’s what I’m doing with my life. Nothing. But that nothing will eventually be a whole lot of nothing.


How To: Find Your Forever Friends In College

More often than not, people go in to college alone or with few high school friends. The vast amount of people who you will share a campus with can become overwhelming and even promote loneliness initially. One might find oneself not knowing who to become friends with and how to start the friendships. In all honesty, the amount of people you run into in college and the amount of people that become your forever friends create a huge difference, and more often than not, you will find yourself with friends that aren’t your forever friends. The problem is how do you find forever friends and how do you differentiate between forever friends and friends that aren’t forever? There isn’t always a specific answer, but there are lots of places to start.

1. Your forever friends are going to be passionate about what you are passionate about. You can start finding them by just saying hello in class and finding out who these people are and what they stand for. An easier approach and a way to narrow down people is by joining organizations that interest you; odds are, the people in these groups are interested in the same things. If you are interested in Greek life, you can rush, if you are interested in a career in engineering, then join one of the engineering focused organizations. The most important thing when considering organizations and friends is making sure you are comfortable being involved with them. Happiness is key.

2. Your forever friends are going to make you incredibly happy and comfortable. They also will want the best for you and not pressure you in to doing something you are uncomfortable with. Non-forever friends will pressure you or not accept everything you do or stand for.

3. You can find forever friends in the most odd places so don’t stop trying or saying hello. You might meet someone in your dorm or in a class or in an organization. You don’t need to worry about how as long as you just remain confident. Everyone else in college is looking for their forever friends too; you’re not alone and don’t be afraid of cliques; they don’t exist anymore. In summation, if you just put yourself out there, you will find friends, then you just have to determine if they are forever.

It really isn’t that hard to find your forever friends, you just have to do a lot of sorting through the non-forever friends, which isn’t a bad thing, it just gives you more knowledge and experience so you can find your forever friends. I promise you will find them, it just takes time. If I found mine, you can find yours.

Save the Procrastinating for Tomorrow

These days, especially since I have started a blog, I have been procrastinating like crazy. It really is a little ridiculous. So is there a solution? Or will I push it of until tomorrow to find out.

Procrastination is my kind of disease, one I too often welcome with open arms. So what to do about it? I have tried not procrastinating, but it is harder than it looks. I also have a complete lack of focus when it comes to homework, and being a sophomore in college, that is a problem. So as I sit here, I wonder to myself, can I just put off procrastinating, or does it work like that?

What are your thoughts?