Westboro Baptist Church to Return to Texas A&M

Rumors have started spreading that the people of Westboro Baptist Church are returning to Texas A&M to protest the supposed sac religion that they perform and the unholiness of higher education institutions that “teach rebellion against God.” I can neither confirm nor deny the fact that they are coming to the university, but I can assure you that students ¬†are not going to let this disturbance effect them in any way this year. In the past, Texas A&M has proven their resilience against the extremist and anti-Semitic group, and I have no doubt that they will do so again.

In 2012, Westboro Baptist Church came to campus to picket the funeral of a soldier being held there. The picketers said that he died due to the homosexual community, and that God had struck him down for it. The students however formed a beautiful maroon wall around the church that held the ceremony. As each student stood in the line that formed the wall, no one was chanting or yelling or by any means being disruptive to the ceremony, and the sheer volume of the student body that was outside the church was a force not to be reckoned with.

Rumor has it that Westboro Baptist will be returning to tell the students and faculty about their sins against God. There is word that the group claimed that the spread of Ebola to Texas was due to our unholiness and supposed rebellion against God. There were many other accusations being made and this time around, the student body doesn’t even seem phased or effected by this, even making jokes about it, refusing to give the Church what they want; a reaction.

However true the rumors may seem, there are several people who do not believe that the group will have the gall to even show up to campus. So we will see if this develops further. In the mean time, I will be enjoying the ridicule Westboro Baptist is getting on the TAMU twitter sphere.