Halloween: Is the Holiday Itself a Trick or a Treat?

I myself have not participated in the holiday for two years, including this one. I used to be in awe of all the scantily clad girls and women and how they could dress so pretty. Why couldn’t I dress like that? That warrants the same answer as to the question: Why do I still not dress like that? Because Halloween, for girls like me, is a trick, not a treat.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be a sexy firefighter or some random sexy animal for once, but one thing keeps stopping me. Circumstance and the lack of self confidence. Let’s face it, Halloween is made for the tall, beautiful, skinny women of the world. I am definitely not that. In fact I don’t think I will ever be that. Now, I am not saying that I’m short and fat, I’m not. I am actually of average height and am on the border between “small looking but secretly overweight” and “is it muscle or is it fat?” with a helping of “do they know I am overweight or are they telling the truth when they say that I look good?”. I don’t think I will every be comfortable with my self image anymore to be able to rock the Playboy Bunny look, however I wouldn’t mind doing so one Halloween, that is, if I actually had someone to impress. But this can’t only be the case for me, right?

I think that it has become such a cultural norm for dimes to dress up showing the most skin possible, that now, it is stigmatized for you to not do so if you are a women in her twenties. That, my friends, is the trick of the day every year, God forbid you dress how you want. Just another holiday to make ourselves overanalyze how fat or thin we look, and how acceptable we are dressing.

My other hold backs from celebrating the holiday, by partying, has been circumstance, either lack of friends, or health issues, what have you. For some, Halloween is just a reminder that you have no one to go out with. That is a dreadful reminder. That is another trick of this supposedly joyous occasion. Sometimes you have to look at the other side of a holiday to see how imperfect it is.

Let those of you who joyously celebrate the holiday by going to parties or haunted houses not be dismayed from the holiday! It can truly be a treat as long as you get to have fun with people you are close with.

What are your thoughts on Halloween?