Make a Difference With Charitable Puravida Bracelets

Okay, I hardly ever go nuts about things like this but I don’t think I have ever seen anything like these before. I literally would buy every last bracelet if I could and if my bank account could handle that. PLEASE continue reading because these bracelets support some great causes.

This group: Puravida is a charity group, their proceeds generally go to helping artisans in Costa Rica. But! You can also choose other charities for your money to go to! You can have it go to such things as cancer awareness, LGBT support, autism awareness, environmental causes, specific animal conservation causes, military support, even women’s causes such as rape prevention and awareness, cervical cancer, and even towards Pro Choice education groups.

For each of these bracelets bought, a portion of the proceeds goes to the cause they were bought for. It really is a great way to support a cause you are passionate about. You can even become a representative for their website and help them sell bracelets and other accessories. I think that it is a great way to give because every little bit helps these causes more than you think, and if anything, you are buying a very cool, unique, and stylish bracelet.

Really take some time and think before you buy your next accessory from that department store, think about what your money is going towards when you do that versus what your money could go towards. Your money could go towards any sort of cause and you would be giving back to the world even if it is in a little way.