Crafts Crafts Crafts

As of recent, I have been on a DIY binge. There is just something incredibly fulfilling about finishing a project and looking at it being able to say, “Yeah, I did that.” I can’t say that I am successful at all of my ventures into the DIY world, but that doesn’t mean that I dislike doing it, in fact, there is a nice challenge presented to me making the end product so much more gratifying. This post is an open ended discussion. I want you to reply with some crafts that you have done or are planning on doing in order to get the creative juices flowing.

I happen to use Pinterest for all of my craft ideas, so, many, if not all, are going to be linked to Pinterest pins. So here we go!


This is one of my favorite crafts to make. All it takes is a 4×6″ photo frame with a flat face, your favorite pictures, some mod podge, and a main photo. There is no real link to how to do this craft, that I could find, but I can give you general instructions. Once you have your photo frame, you can measure it and print out pictures to fit the sides of the frame. You might want to draw a grid on the frame so you can know how many pictures you need, and what size and shape you need to print them out in. All you need to do now, is print and cut out the pictures, and then glue them on with mod podge, then put a coat of mod podge. Now, after it dries, you are done and you can put your main photo in to the frame and then you have a snazzy gift that you can give to anyone!


These are some of the cutest DIY glasses I have ever seen! I am planning on maybe making some of these for my roommate. They are stylish and colorful enough to stand out and be cute, but not busy enough to be wild and tacky. These are the perfect addition to any dorm or apartment. You could even coordinate colors or assign a certain color to each roommate. I can’t imagine that making these would be hard. They are baked in the oven after being painted, so they should also be safe to wash. (maybe not in a dish washer though… I’ll try it and let you all know.) You can access the Pinterest pin through this link.


This link contains the pin of a link to 43 DIY glitter crafts. I especially like this one I’ve included in the picture. These candles are freaking adorable in my opinion and they would be a great addition to anyone’s apartment or house. I know glitter is messy to work with, but I’m very certain that I would be willing to risk it in order to get these beauties.


This is an adorable monogram. It uses burlap and some other things. If I didn’t already have a monogram, I would definitely make it. These, or really any monograms, are great for putting on your bedroom or dorm door. This one seems pretty simple to make and wouldn’t take long. You can access the pin here.


My last, but not least craft for the day is the tie dye coasters. It only takes a tile, sharpies, and alcohol. (no, not the drinking kind) I also recommend buying little soft pads to put on the bottom of the tiles to help keep the coasters from scratching the table. This is a fun way to brighten up your apartment or home that looks really fun and colorful. You can even pick out the colors to match your color scheme. Here is the link to the pin.

So that’s it for my first crafts post. I hope I have inspired you to let your creative side out. Now I want to hear from you on how you like these crafts, and about some crafts that you know and think are fun!