Requests, Recommendations, and More.

As you can see from my previous post, I obviously answer questions for advice and the like, but I also want to get advice as well. I am a new blogger and a new public writer even, so I could use anything you have to offer me. If you want to hear about a specific topic, let me know. If you want to hear less about something let me know. If you have any advice to give, please for the sake of all the deities in the world, let me know because it will be warmly welcomed and you will be thanked profusely.

I once was told:

You can never get anywhere if you are too arrogant and proud to reach out for help, because no matter who you are, you will need it at some point in time and that does not make you any less of a person.

– Anonymous

and I plan to follow this advice.

I am honestly brand new and, in the terms of the characters of “The Maze Runner”, a greenie. I hope hope hope that you will give a fellow blogger some help in establishing herself. This is my reach out in to the void. Whether it remains unanswered or not is up to you dear reader.

I thank you so much for reading and every single one of you, dear readers, is special to me and I cannot emphasize enough how much it means to have you all reading my blog.